This website collects what I have written or said in recent years on the issues that are closest to my heart, and in particular: life, which today also manifests itself in its dazzling synthetic version as a (eu)genetically assembled artefact; the family, which also appears to us artificially refracted in a kaleidoscope of grotesque stand-ins; the education of the younger generations, distorted within a school that is now reduced to a parody of itself, or a cross between an amusement park and a collective ethical and social re-education laboratory.


We will create and fly free a new economic, social and information system, in which businesses, individuals and communities receive financial freedom, purchasing power and independent information. We are building a large network of relationships and business opportunities that aim for collective well-being.

We are the caterpillar preparing for metamorphosis, we will be an extraordinary butterfly.

Today people, companies and associations can co-create with us, participating in this metamorphosis for the constitution of the Barterfly Foundation


Valérie Bugault

My grandfather was a former resistance fighter, an entrepreneur who started from scratch and yet had many talents. It was in line with what he stood for as a (Resistance fighter) man and as an entrepreneur that I wrote a thesis, misleadingly entitled 'The cessation of business - A study of tax law', in which I created a unified legal theory of the capitalist enterprise.


Unapsi Argentina


We are professionals from different fields of conventional and complementary health, who are looking for new spaces of confluence for action and reflection on the integral approach to the human being.