Funding: Avvicinamento Sociale - Social approach

My name is Dea, I am an Israeli artist of Italian origin and a fervent activist for Peace (especially between Israelis and Palestinians) and for Human Rights.

Right now the situation in Israel has completely degenerated. The symptoms of an increasingly stringent dictatorship are making life impossible for us.

Every social pressure is made to force people to get vaccinated. The government threatens those who refuse to be vaccinated with increasingly severe and undemocratic sanctions.

We have come to the point where the mayor of a city (Raanana) has ruled that those who are not vaccinated must show up for work in a protective suit and take a swab every 48 hours.

In some shopping centers, shameful signs have already appeared announcing that entry will be allowed only to those who are vaccinated.

We human rights activists for a year have dedicated ourselves body and soul to the dissemination of free information, challenging censorship and threats.

But we have found that even free and non-programmable people, despite having a clear awareness of what is happening on a planetary scale, hardly take action.

People are petrified and paralyzed with fear.

Thus, I, together with a group of free artists, are creating a hymn of Freedom that motivates people to active and conscious Resistance.

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